Touchless Deviceless Biometric Payments
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Our Team
Giorgio Talegon
CEO & Head of Innovation
Giorgio Talegon is a serial entrepreneur with various innovations to his name from Ad-Tech to Blockchain and now in Fintech.

Giorgio Talegon was born in Belgium and moved to US when he was 18 years old for higher education. Although he studied business, his love for technology and computers kept him very busy throughout his college years and later in life. He was already building web sites for small companies while at school and had his first entrepreneurial bug with his first company Brentstar at the age of 22. He later founded Hyperbidder, an Online Advertising Exchange Network, with thousands of Publishers from all over the world with NBC/Universal as one of its earliest clients. He also dipped his toe in the Blockchain space with JEXOS where he put his prior experience to work with his co-founder Kishor Patil to come up with a solution that can make Online Advertising more transparent and the payment processing much faster. While working for a payment solution for JEXOS, Giorgio and his Team came up with a more interesting concept that is perfect for FIAT payments. Thus, a superior system was born; PayLuft, a revolutionary payment system that requires no wallet, no phone, no cash, no credit card to make payments.
Tammy A.
Co-Founder & CFO
A seasoned finance leader with over 20+ years of functional leadership and business development experience in blue chip multinationals and start-ups in banking, financial services in Europe and the Middle East. Tammy A. combines profound analytical skills with diligent, equally logical and creative mastering of complex asset liability management. He has in-depth understanding of the global financial markets, of their technologies and tools as well as of their problems and strategies. He is regarded for his outstanding capabilities to combine theoretical know how with sound pragmatism. Tammy A. holds a BSc Economics from the Middle East Technical University and a Fintech Certification from MIT.
Kishor Patil
Head of Engineering
Kishor Patil has extensive experience in design and development of diverse web based enterprise applications. He served as the Senior Technology Architect at Digite, a leading Project and Portfolio management provider, and throughout his career he successfully implemented various web based Project Management and integration solutions on the JEE platform at large enterprises like Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile group) and Magneti Marelli (FIAT Group, Italy) to name a few. He completed his Bachelors and Masters in Computer Sciences from Pune University in India. In his spare time, he would like to spend time with his daughter, and travel.
Qiang Li
Computer Vision
Software Engineer/Intern
Qiang Lee has extensive experience in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. Qiang Li was a graduate computer science student at RWTH-Aachen, Germany and an IDEA Research Grant Student at ETH Zürich. His research interests focus on Object recognition,Base detection and segmentation, model interpretability, multi-tasking, and multi-modality. He did an internship at Sinovation Venture, where he was mainly responsible for NLP Chinese GPT model design based on the pre-trained Huggingface Transformer Model on industry scenarios. Qiang got his B.S degree from the HFUT with Top-1 academic performance and received a four years national scholarship. His Bachelor was majoring in IoT. He also founded the HFUT Robocup Lab. After his B.S studies, he worked as a Computer Vision Working student in Siemens AG Aachen Gas Turbin Research Center while taking the Master Informatik study at RWTH Aachen, and finished his Master thesis in Claassen lab, ETH Zurich.
Andrea Fossati
Technical Advisor
Member of Advisory Board
Andrea Fossati joined PayLuft in December 2020. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Parquery, AG. Parquery is an AI software that detects objects in pictures from any camera, and delivers real-time data for smarter cities.
Andrea was a post doctoral researcher on Computer Vision at ETH-Zurich. Before that, he was a PhD student and a research assistant at EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) where he received his Doctoral Degree at the Computer Vision Lab. He received his MS, Computer Science from University of Illinois Chicago and his MS, Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. He is highly skilled in Computer Vision, Computer Learning (Deep Learning) and he has 22 Publications to his name.
Evelyn Hofstetter
Compliance Consultant/Legal Councel
Member of Advisory Board
Evelyn Hofstetter is a Swiss qualified lawyer and a partner of Badertscher Attorneys-at-law with offices in Zug (Crypto Valley) and Zurich. She advises numerous firms (both established and start-ups) in mostly Financial, and Technology sectors with regard to corporate and regulatory matters. She joined PayLuft in January, 2021.

She is on the board of Liberty Financial Advisory AG, Zug (a Private Equity Boutique firm), Albeit Holding AG, Feusisberg (Holding Company managing various international investments), Feldspar AG, Wollerau (active in the sector of Private Equity)
PayLuft is a biometric payment system that allows anyone to purchase goods and services free of any devices - mobile phones, credit, debit cards. PayLuft frees merchants from carrying expensive special hardware or terminals required for current contactless payments. With PayLuft, all contactless payments are initiated, and authorized device free, more securely and accurately than contactless payment systems in use today across global retail markets. To benefit from PayLuft, merchants only need a smart phone and the PayLuft app to enable contactless payments, a setup that takes a fraction of the time required to setup contactless payment systems in use today. Payers and customers register in a matter of minutes on the PayLuft app on their smart phones or on the PayLuft web site to enable their personal PayLuft account. No further device or interaction with PayLuft is required. Initiating and authorizing contactless payments has never been more intuitive and hassle free either at the point of sale or for digital payments!
With PayLuft, customers can pay for their purchases device free, no longer requiring their smart phones.
Did you forget your wallet or phone at home? No problem! as you can now pay contactless without your smart phone or any other device. Are you at the beach, ski resort or a similar location? Pay for your refreshments, rental equipment device free! unencumbered by a smart phone.

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Step 1: Proof of Concept (PoC)

Step 2: Desktop App

Step 3: iOS & Android App: In Development
The Plan
We finished a working desktop version of our App and it is AWESOME! Upon finalizing the Android & iOS versions of our app, PayLuft will launch in select markets to continue to grow its user base and to collect more data to enhance our model by further training it through AI. We are now seeking qualified investors to accompany us on our journey.

To achieve widescale adoption and to maximize the PayLuft network effects we are utilising cutting edge business intelligence processes through synergies with our existing assets including the Hyperbidder Ad Exchange Network to market PayLuft. Hyperbidder Ad Exchange Network is a network maintaining over 1000 publishers (web sites) worldwide, with a majority listed in the USA.
Micro Seed:
Serie A:
MVP & Desktop version of App
Android & iOS App
Rolling out to select markets
Rest of EU & US Market

Email us if you would like to be an early investor in PayLuft.